On Creative Writing

We’re mixing things up this month on The Dear Daughters Podcast with The Learning Series. I love learning and the thought of all things back to school has inspired this entire series— I’m a true believer that we can never stop learning.

This week I have a dear daughter, Jaclyn Byrd, on the podcast with me. It was Jaclyn’s idea to talk about creative writing this week. She started as a journalism major at school and found a deep love for creative writing while in school at the University of Texas. She walks us through how she found this passion from high school and into college, showing us how that love for writing transformed for her is inspiring in so many ways! I think you’re going to just love it.

We discuss things from journaling, to little love notes from my children, writers block, writing on Instagram, and even down into my own personal experiences in writing Unafraid, Dear Daughters, and The Grace Guide.

Writing can look different for people in all seasons of life. It can be in a journal, on a post-it, on a social media—anything. If you’re thinking of writing—whether you have spent years doing it, or maybe only a few minutes… my prayer for you is courage to start by writing a loved one a hand-written letter as a way to bless them.

I hope that you enjoy this.. and I hope that I might get to see you soon, next month, on the visit we take to the Texas Painted Churches on September 16th! More than anything, I pray that you know that you’ve been given a voice that is worthy of sharing.