On Finding a Mentor

Do you sometimes feel like you need someone in your life a little older and wiser to remind you that God is still good, and that everything will be alright? Though you may already believe it for yourself, sometimes it’s comforting to hear it from someone else you trust. I hope you have someone like that in your life to speak the truth over you with confidence.

When I think of the role of a mentor, I think of someone who helps you reclaim the vision for your life. Someone who helps you to meditate on, ‘whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is lovely.”  Someone who helps you listen more closely to the still, small voice of God in your life. Couldn’t we all use more of that?

Today I’m talking about the importance of having a mentor. To have someone to speak into those areas of our lives that feel foggy and unclear. Consider this a permission slip to be in a relationship with someone that is solely focused on the health of your soul.


If you are hungry for mentoring but haven’t yet found someone in your day to day world, I’d love for you to join me in the Dear Daughters Mentorship Program this fall. I’ve had many women ask me if I’ll mentor them, and turning them away breaks my heart – so this program is the result of a lot of prayer and Big God Dreaming, with hopes that it will help you whatever your season of life.

It’s a small group/online class-like setting, so there aren’t a lot of spaces available. But if you hop on the waiting list here I’ll send you an early bird email when the registration goes live, so you’ll be the first to know.



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lovely photo via dear daughter emily boone