On Finding Your Identity in God | Lisa-Jo Baker

Never for a moment think that God has forgotten you. 

Meet Lisa-Jo Baker. She’s a mom, author and in her own words, these four things:

  1. “I am a motherless daughter. I am always on the lookout for mother nourishment.”
  2. “God who loved me through the dark seasons and filled the motherly role.”
  3. “I swore I would never have children and yet I am a mother to three children.”
  4. “I’m originally from South Africa which explains the accent.”

Regarding this interview she also said, “Scooch up a little closer friends, if your mom passed away or left or is emotionally unavailable or in whatever way possible has left a mom-shaped hole in your heart.

Here’s the thing —we have a father God who also beautifully and tenderly and wholly mothers us. This has been my story. He has mothered me and then also consistently brought women into my life who fill that mom hole in so many different ways. With their laughter and their questions and their caring and their gift packages and the way they help with my kids and champion my work. It hasn’t been just one woman, God has used a community that spans time zones and countries to fill in the ache that never really leaves us motherless daughters alone.”

Today, we’re also talking about her latest book, The Middle Matters. Woohoo! I’m deeply grateful for Lisa-Jo’s voice of encouragement to women, and especially mothers. I’m sure you will feel grateful too!

Lisa-Jo is amazing, listen in!


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