On Giving Yourself Grace

What happens when you take the time to take care of yourself? What happens when you give yourself grace?

This week, I interviewed five women to talk about what happens when you take time for Soul Care.

Are you ready for their stories?

Melissa Tate is a food writer who lives with her husband on their family horse and cattle ranch in Rockwall, TX. Her primary life roles include: mother, step-mom, daughter, sister, and friend. Melissa came to Soul Care Saturday because she longs for rest in her life…and she learned that she deserves and needs soul care.

Melissa says, “I can be confident in what I’m doing because I am where God wants me to be.

Cheyenne Kizer is a dental hygienist and women’s leader at her church, Coryell Community Church in Gatesville, TX. She is married to her high school sweetheart and mother to two children, and she is also helping to build a mentor program as a member of the school board. She made the time in her busy schedule to come to Austin for Soul Care Saturday, where she realized a little bit more of God’s grace for her and how she needs to give that grace to herself.

Cheyenne says, “I am probably becoming a better listener to how He feels about me and how He loves me and how He created me. Although in the big picture it’s not about me, He wants to use me for Kingdom purpose and I am thankful for that.”

Mollie Dreibrodt lives in New Braunfels, TX with her husband, Canaan, and 10-month old daughter, Charlie. Canaan gifted Mollie with a ticket to Soul Care Saturday after a hard and scary season. She has learned that a lot of good can come from being vulnerable and asking for help and that she needs to give herself permission to be emotionally vulnerable.

Mollie says, “Sometimes our perfect plan is not exactly His perfect plan and we need to nurture ourselves and nurture our relationship with God so that His plan is how we’re living our lives.”

Brooke Griffin is a certified child-life specialist and a pastor’s wife, and she lives with her husband in Oklahoma. Her mom encouraged her to listen to the Dear Daughters podcast and they gifted each other tickets to Soul Care Saturday for their birthdays (just one day apart). How fun! She ended up sharing things she never expected to share and learned how hard she can be on herself…and the importance of giving herself grace.

Brooke says, “Christ loves me and He loves so many things about me, and I want to learn to love those things too…and just guarding my heart in that way and my mind, and letting Christ have control of my mind.”

Tracy Ammann Waight is a recent empty nester and divorcee (and just a really cool human) living right here in Austin. Her ex-husband gifted her a ticket to Soul Care Saturday, and she says it was the best gift he’s ever given her. Hearing the other women’s stories has given her strength in her day to day and she learned more than anything that God has her back.

Tracy says, “My stuff is just stuff. And it’s all stuff I can handle with God and with peace and grace.”

I just love these women. And I am so grateful they came on the show to share their stories and their wisdom. I am crying and laughing, feeling inspired and learning so much from each of them. I hope that you are too!



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