On suffering and perspective | Laurie Short | Dear Daughters 51

Are you or someone you love in a season of suffering? Whether it’s the suffering that comes from loneliness and unfulfilled hopes, or the heartache that comes with illness or loss, author and teacher Laurie Short has comfort for you. In her new book, When Changing Nothing Changes Everything: The Power of Reframing Your Life, Laurie talks about our ability to expand our perspectives by reframing our life stories.

She discusses a very personal story of how when she finally got engaged at forty-three years old, it ended in a dissolved relationship causing a lot of suffering. She also shares (with great joy) how God brought her just the right man at forty-nine years old. I hope that it gives you courage to love your one beautiful life- even the painful parts- and that it brings you some comfort in whatever you might be grieving.

Laurie is a wife, stepmom, speaker and author based out of Santa Barbara, California. I can’t wait for you to meet her! Here’s the interview on the Dear Daughters Podcast Episode 51.


Sometimes we’re so focused on a door we want to see open that we might be missing another door that’s opening around us that we need to pay attention to. Because God wants to lead us, and one door can lead to another door can lead to another door, which might actually lead to the door you’re looking for, it’s just a different route. It’s always a different route with God. ~ Laurie Short

Hold onto Him. He is faithful and He knows the desires of your heart and He has a plan for your life, and it’s bigger than you. ~ Laurie Short

What I don’t want is a sound bite when I’m in the middle of suffering. I think it’s okay for people to take time to get the right outlook. ~ Susie Davis

Gifts don’t always feel like gifts when they’re give to us. ~ Laurie Short

Live suffering well. ~ Laurie Short

The quote above reminds me of Penny & Sparrow’s ‘Struggle Pretty‘ cover that was painted by my brother-in-law, Jeff Davis, who was diagnosed with Alzheimers at age 56 and struggled pretty for over a decade.

Our best work is sometimes in believing that God actually takes care of and can help someone more than we can. ~ Susie Davis

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… grateful, grateful for Davis sharing their music for the DD Podcast. :)