Simplifying Hospitality

This week on the podcast, I talked with Amy Hannon of Euna Mae’s and Kristin Schell of the Turquoise Table about true, biblical hospitality. And good news – it’s much simpler than we often make it and often more fun.

(Amy Hannon’s husband nicknamed us the ‘Hospitality Justice League.’ How hilarious is that?)

It doesn’t matter what your house looks like or how good the food is – all that hospitality requires is being available and able to see the people around you. Ordinary moments around the table or in the front yard become holy when we’re truly available.

All the other stuff,” as Kristin says, “is just gravy. Good, Amy Hannon style gravy.” Today on the podcast we talk about the difference between hospitality and entertaining. We hope it will encourage you to have spiritual eyes to see the people around you, to release your expectations, and open your front door.