The Best Gift for Mother’s Day

What’s the best gift at Mother’s Day? I think it’s gratitude. And not just for your mom, though she certainly deserves it, but also for the spiritual mamas who shaped you as a young woman.

Besides my own mother, I can think of three women in particular who loved me well. I look back now and can see how each of them played such an integral role in contributing to the person I am today. Do you have those people too? I hope so.

Who encouraged you? Who took time to listen to you? Who was it that provided a safe haven? Who showed you how to live out your faith? Who was an organic, everyday mentor to you? 

I hope today’s podcast will encourage you to thank those spiritual mamas who may not even realize the impact they had in your life. That you’ll feel compelled to look back and remember the people who showed you how to love Jesus in a daily, real way.



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