The Texas Painted Churches | A History Lesson

Welcome to the Dear Daughters Podcast! We’re mixing things up again with a new series as we enter August and, believe it or not, a new school year already. I love learning and the thought of school has inspired my next podcast series: The Learning Series!

This week I have my husband, Will, on the podcast with me. Will was a history major at Baylor University … he has always been fascinated by it. So he is going to walk us through a quick history lesson on this week’s episode! But wait! If that sounds a little boring to you, stick around and give it a listen … I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Because it is no ordinary history lesson … it is about the magnificent Texas Painted Churches that were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s in our great state. Their history starts in Eastern Europe in the mid-1800s … across the Atlantic Ocean to Galveston Island … and on to to Fayette County. The faith of the people who made that journey to start these churches is humbling and inspiring.

Listen in to learn more rich history from Will … and if you’re as awestruck already as we are, come experience four of the Texas Painted Churches with us!

I hope that you are inspired by the faithfulness of these church founders … and I hope that you’ll come with us to experience them in person. Most of all, I pray that we can have that kind of great faithfulness that those walking behind us can stand on.