When You’re Stressed and Exhausted

Have you been feeling extra stressed out and exhausted lately?

Welcome back to the 2022 mini-mester on the Dear Daughters Podcast. I’m tackling your deepest questions and biggest tangles every Monday and Wednesday for the next couple weeks. 

This week’s question is: Why am I so stressed out and exhausted?

The answer is simple: You need REST.

God modeled rested in the very beginning of creation on the seventh day. When Jesus was exhausted, he went away. We were created to need rest, body and soul. You need a Sabbath. You need a God date. A day to enjoy and delight in the little things that refresh your body and soul.

You can take a break from everything in your life because God is in control. All those things are part of the beautiful process started by God … and he will complete that process, too.

So I hope you feel encouraged and hopeful about your one beautiful life. And if right now, you don’t feel like your life is very beautiful … I want you to remember that you’re still in the middle of your story.



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