whimsy for your weekend

All three of my kids are married now. The youngest, Sara, married David four short months ago and this week I was looking back over all the photos plus watching this fabulous video created by Sara’s friend, Sydney.

Don’t you wish you had happy footage like this of your wedding? Or even better, don’t you wish you had a short film of the happiest times in your marriage, set to music, the whole thing? Now that would be something. Perfect to strengthen your marriage, remind you of the best and most beautiful days. Especially on the days when life sets in and things get complicated.

Because no matter the marriage, things do get complicated. That’s why it so brilliant and spectacular to end up with a sixty or seventy year marriage. That’s where the romance lives. It’s in the line David spoke to Sara, “I will not leave you.”

If you’re married, there’s really nothing that makes you feel more whimsy than a healthy marriage so this week, some encouragement to love your marriage even more.

    1. We had a three week marriage series at Austin Christian Fellowship. Here are the links to those messages: 1) God’s Idea   2)  One Flesh (we taught this one together)  3) Naked without Shame
    2. Because your marriage is not meant to be a power struggle but a power union: The Story of Marriage
    3. Because happy is good but holy is better: Sacred Marriage
    4. Because prayer makes a marriage: Pray Big for Your Marriage 
    5. If you’re struggling for gratitude, please read this: You May Want to Marry My Husband … and weep.
    6. After you read it, put yourself in her shoes and write a letter to your husband.
    7. Then hug your husband, take him to dinner and read the letter to him.

Love on your people. Thank God. And have a weekend full of the best kind of whimsy.


Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)