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Need to find your next summer read? How about a list of sixteen books to pick from whether you’re on the beach or at the lake or even if you’re enjoying a staycation this summer?

Got some book ideas to make this the best reading summer ever.


Best book to read …

  1. In a wide open field: Emily of New Moon. The story of Emily is eclipsed by Anne (of Green Gables) by it’s just as lovely.
  2. Eating pieAt Home in Mitford. They eat apple pie in basically every chapter and it is the sleepiest, sweetest book ever. This is a Lana Rush recommendation so you know it can be trusted ;)
  3. At the lake: Present over Perfect. Shauna talks about the lake and how her time there was formative in slowing her whole life down.
  4. On the beach: Gifts from the Sea. It’s my favorite re-read. Get something new every single time.
  5. At a bistro (or in France)My Life in France. Because Julia Child …
  6. On a family road trip with school-aged children: WonderR. J. Palacio
  7. On an airplaneWhere’d You Go, Bernadette. This is a paper trail story. Wacky and fun.
  8. On your front porch: The Year of Magical ThinkingBecause a front porch reminds you of your one beautiful life.
  9. At your grandparent’s house: Where the Red Fern Grows. “I’m sure no one in the world can understand a boy like his grandfather can.”
  10. Aloud no matter your age: A Series of Unfortunate Events. So clever. You will love.
  11. In your local coffee house: A Man Called Ove. Trust me on this one. All the interesting people.
  12. For a cooking club: Cooking for Jeffrey. Because I want to know about recipes from a wife of 46 years.
  13. On your staycation weekend: Sunday Suppers. Beautiful pictures + delicious recipes = test some yourself.
  14. To your kids: Hank the Cowdog. All the fantastic dialogue.
  15. When you’re angsty and discontent: Diary of a Young Girl. No words necessary.
  16. When life feels terribly complicated or … when in the mountains: Heidi is the one. I recommend this to anyone missing the gratitude/joy in life and since it’s set in the mountains, reading it there is just the best.

Happy summer reading!


Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)

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