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How about a quick little trip before school starts? If you’ve been around here a while, you know how I love small town Texas.  So just for fun, I highlighted 8 of my favorite small towns within driving distance from Austin.

  • Leakey: Ever since I was a tiny girl, my family has gathered at the Frio River in Leakey. We play cards, eat family dinners and of course, swim in the river. My hippie sister, Linda, convinced me bathing in the river is the best thing. And I’ve found that I agree with her. If you want to bathe in the Frio, just make sure to be kind to the river and get yourself some bio-degradable soap. Kinda like camping … but not really. ;) PS. Big news, Bears Market is a new grocery store in town and it’s fancy.
  • Marble Falls: This small town (but growing!) is close to my Dad’s place in the country. The best place to eat is hands-down The Bluebonnet Cafe. Bring a big appetite for southern comfort food and PIE. If you visit in the spring, bring a basket for berry picking at Sweet Berry Farms, and if you happen to be there around Christmas, you’ve got to see the Marble Falls Live Nativity.
  • Round Top: It is no secret I adore Round Top. I think she is the small town Texas epicenter of hygge. Grab a slice of Sweet + Salty Pie from  The Pie Haven, visit on the porch swing in front of Two Sparrows Roasting Co. and take a peek into the darling little old church on Henkel Square. And I’d be remiss to let you know the absolute best time to go is during Antiques Week. The shopping, the people, the spirit of the place … you’ll feel happy when you leave guaranteed. Make it more special by staying at Rachel’s place
  • Fredericksburg: Visit Fredericksburg before she gets too big. This is a wonderful place to pick your own peaches (for peach pie, maybe?), visit a vineyard, wander around town or duck into all the little boutiques and bakeries. If you want to sample a little German cuisine, stop by Otto’s.
  • Navasota: Don’t blink, you’ll miss her. Things I love about Navasota: 1) my daughter, Emily, lives there. 2) Main Street 3) all the old buildings ~> great for peering in and taking pictures of. 
  • Elgin: Shhhh, no one knows how cute Elgin is yet. But I’ll let you in on a secret, she’s only 30 minutes from Austin and holds a bunch of small town wonder. The people are friendly, Main Street is fun and then there’s the Hogeye Festival. Oh yes.
  • New Braunfels: You can tube the Guadalupe or the Comal, go to a drive in movie (double feature!) at the Stars + Stripes Drive In.  Get your morning pastries at Naegelin’s (the oldest bakery in Texas), picnic at Landa Park, have afternoon pie + coffee at 2 Tarts Bakery.
  • Gruene: Known for Gruene Dance Hall, is actually a small historic district inside of New Braunfels but I think of her as a darling baby sister. There’s also a lot shopping to do in Gruene, of course, but there’s also great food. Once after a speaking event, I had a lovely lunch all by myself at The Gristmill River Restaurant then did a little shopping here and there. My favorite spot was The Barn (formerly Buck’s Pottery). Nicest people and beautiful pieces. Watch this charming video. :)

Hope you enjoy your last little bit of summer!


Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)

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