whimsy for your weekend

You need some whimsy. I need whimsy. Because just how much more political news and info can we take before we fall in a heap and start to believe the world is going to hell in a hand basket which it is not thank-you-Jesus.

God shapes the world by prayer. ~ E. M. Bounds
God shapes the world by prayer. ~ E. M. Bounds

To be truthful: I am grateful to be planning a wedding, engrossed in last minute details like counting up rsvp’s and wondering what kind of pie to serve, instead of focusing on the all-kinds-of-awful I see spewing out of media outlets and such. Enough of that … whimsy onward.


  1. How about geraniums and snapdragons? Yep, I got in my garden this week and planted some pretty things. I like The Red Barn Garden and Nursery Center. They’re Austin Proud/Texas Friendly. And they’re also close to Jim’s so you can grab a burger + fries + good old-fashioned diner coffee and plan out where you’re going to plant all those flowers.
  2. While you’re planting flowers, listen to Kristin Schell talk about her Turquoise (picnic) Table and how she left it in her front yard so she can meet her neighbors. I think you’ll want to put one in your front yard too. Right next to your gorgeous flower bed full of snapdragons.
  3. I’m a candle addict. No shame in that. I might have even trained my girls to it. This is my current crush: LAFCO Chamomile Lavender. (Yes, I know that’s crazy expensive but it truly is incredible.)
  4. I finished watching Parenthood on Netflix last month. And I was sad. Until I found Heartland. And now I’m happy. It’s Hallmark-y. I like it. Much better than all those angry politicos.
  5. Estate sales.  I love them. And a lot of them start on Thursday. Here’s where I find estate sales in Austin.
  6. Have I told you about Hummingbird Farms in Hye, Texas? I discovered their Lavender lotion and hand soap at Sage Hill a couple years ago. It’s dreamy. You might like it too. And good news, there’s a special this month: buy the soap and lotion ~> get two travel tubes free!
  7. Want to make people smile this weekend? When you run out to get your morning coffee before church, take a couple extra of lattes with you and pass them out randomly. You just can’t imagine how much happy that makes. :)
  8. If you’d rather make coffee at home, I love Third Coast Organic Double French Roast. “No acidity here!”
  9. A writer’s prompt for the writer in you:

    What’s one weekend thing that makes you happy and why?


It’s your life, sweet people, relax and smile because it’s finally the weekend!


Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)