whimsy for your weekend

Tears. Just lots and lot of tears this week. Last weekend my sweet friends threw a wedding shower for Sara and afterward I couldn’t stop crying. Those happy/sad tears, you know? I’m so emotional. So I’m making sure to whimsy it up this weekend and be extra kind to myself.

little bride-to-be Sara & my other dear daughter, Emi
  1. Yesterday after morning after coffee, I headed over to the Turquoise Table and met author Shelly Miller. This weekend, I’m diving into her new book, Rhythms of Rest.
  2. Do you need garden help? I do. After planting all those pretty snapdragons last weekend, my bushes needed tidying so I called garden coach, Cat Jones at Austin Whimsical Gardener. Yes, it’s a real and lovely thing. Need her help, email her here.
  3. My dad would love this TED talk: How Trees Talk to Each Other. The whole thing about HUB aka ‘mother trees’ reminded me of what it means to be a spiritual mama.
  4. A tip I learned about when cute little Audrey Cooper came to do Sara’s bridal portrait makeup ~> ‘bake on‘ your concealer with Laura Mercier translucent powder.
  5. Listening to Ben Howard on repeat because we Austinites had a ‘cold front’ roll in today. Temps in the sixties. Yay!
  6. Chip and Joanna inspired me this week. Don’t you love them? I’d love to read their new book. Also, I’d love to work with her. Just saying.
  7. A writer’s prompt for the writer in you:

Who is one person you would love to work with and why?


It’s your life, sweet people, relax and smile because it’s finally the weekend!


Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)