whimsy for your weekend

There is a lot of art in here. People making art, sharing art, talking about art. I love it. And it’s all accessible art. Things you can do to make your life more beautiful and whimsical.

kate stafford photography

I hope you’re inspired by what you find here. And that maybe something jumps up inside your heart and you make some art this weekend.

  1. When people make art to pay their mortgage … I love Hayley Morgan’s Art Shop. It makes me feel brave. Listen to here talk about art here: Dear Daughters Podcast Episode #1 14659258_1084321988352540_4682733985913110528_n
  2. Or what about Chloe Hamaker’s Christmas Cards? Choose a design, order away and a non-profit gets to benefit. That’s nice. Hear her story behind the Christmas cards ~> Dear Daughters Podcast Episode #8
  3. And oh … if you need Christmas photos for your family, we actually have two family photographers. Both Emily Boone (my daughter ) & Kate Stafford (my niece) are fantastic photographers. :)
  4. What about if we all signed up for Natalie’s (of Mint & Maple) Water Color Class? That’s just fun. mint-and-maple
  5. Whimsy noted on Emily Brickhouse’s Instagram feed … this story makes me happy. Maybe we should all write nice things under ledges. emily-brickhouse
  6. This print by Brian Andreas of Story People reminds me of my mom. She scatters chocolate cookies everywhere she goes. bas_cookie_love_001_1024x1024
  7. Music from my writing desk: Love Your Neighbor. I feel grounded and focused listening to Zach’s music.
  8. And now a writer’s prompt for the writer in you:

    What kind of art did you love making when you were a child and why did you stop making it ?

    emily boone’s happy photography

    It’s your life, sweet people, relax and smile because it’s finally the weekend!


    Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)