A Conversation with Vicki Courtney

God is not looking for perfect mothers to raise perfect daughters. He’s looking for imperfect mothers who are raising imperfect daughters in an imperfect world … and desperately dependent on a perfect God for the results. ~ Vicki Courtney

Vicki Courtney is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is an author and ministry leader. She is also my friend. She is the kind of friend I can call to untangle questions about ministry, parenting, writing … and just about anything else. She is a woman full of wisdom and grace. 

I hope you enjoy my interview with Vicki in Dear Daughters Episode 23.

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There is no such thing as a perfect parenting formula. ~ Vicki Courtney

We don’t want to mess up our kids but we will. It is by God’s grace alone they turn out okay. ~ Susie Davis

Nothing is outside of God’s forgiveness. ~ Vicki Courtney

When we let go of all the things that are really true to who we our and our passions – who God made us –   we can get lost. That’s a mid-life crisis. Because all you did was work hard all your life at your job or as a mom or a wife … and you wake up and wonder who you are. ~ Susie Davis

Focus more on parenting the heart than trying to modify the behavior. ~ Vicki Courtney


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