Creating a Cozy Bedroom

Welcome to the Home Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast! God is the original homemaker. That’s what a listener said to me in an email a few weeks ago, inspiring this series. God made a safe, beautiful home for Adam and Eve in the Garden, and He wants us to have a safe, beautiful home, too. So how do we create that?

Listen in to the Home Series this summer as, room by room, I’ll guide you in creating a lovely, cozy, beautiful home … a space for you and your people to grow together and love each other and honor God.

I have sweet Jaclyn Byrd on the podcast with me. She just got married, is moving to a new home in San Antonio, TX, and has ALL the questions about how to create a cozy home … starting with the bedroom. Here are a few of those questions, asked and answered on the podcast (along with a few decorating and laundry pro tips).

  1. Why is it important to invest in your bedroom?
  2. How do you pick a mattress?
  3. What kind of sheets are the best? Do you change out the bedding for different seasons?
  4. What is the first thing you think of when building a bedroom?
  5. Does “less is more” apply to decorating a bedroom?
  6. What are the must-have pieces in a bedroom?
  7. TV in the bedroom … yea or nay?
  8. Do you have a signature touch?

I’m praying that Jac can create a lovely bedroom for her and her husband in their new home. I hope that you, too, can create a bedroom that is a refuge where you can find rest and respite so that you can fully live your one beautiful life. And most of all, I pray that we would all be grateful for the honor of building the home that God has gifted us and that we would be found faithful where we are.