Creating a Garden Space at Home

I love looking back on the homes I have been able to create over the years. They have inspired this summer season on the Dear Daughters Podcast: The Home Series. I’ll guide you, room by room, in creating a lovely, cozy, beautiful home … a space for you and your people to grow together and love each other and honor God.

Last week we talked about God being the original homemaker. He is also the original gardener. Life started in the Garden … and we are given a beautiful world to live in. I love that I can feel the peace of God looking up at the big blue Texas sky or surrounded by the mountains in Colorado or even just tending to my geraniums on the patio.

Gardening is a beautiful and important piece of homemaking.

Listen in to this week’s episode as we talk about why gardening is important … how to use whatever space is available to you, whether it’s a little pot on the window sill inside or a big garden in your backyard … plus, practical ways to create that garden space at home, like collecting pots at estate sales and discovering the plants that suit you.

I hope that you give gardening a shot, even if you don’t think you have a green thumb. I pray that you discover it is more than just planting something pretty … I pray that you feel God with you when you are tending to your plants and that you find shalom in His creation.