Lindsey Nobles | Dear Daughters Episode 34

Lindsey Nobles  is a gatherer of people, an “architect of affiliation” and one of the key builders of IF: Gathering. She has lived all over the country but loves the South (and as you will hear … the Central Time Zone ;). She writes on the internet at and currently consults for non-profits. She is a delightful person to talk with about ministry, God and food.

I think you’ll love hearing her vulnerable thoughts on transition, self-care and where she’s headed next.

Here’s the interview on Dear Daughters Episode 34.

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Lindsey talked about how constructive transitions (building your self) and deconstructive transitions (taking outside sources of identity away to mine down to your self) are both necessary and good.

Susie talked about the opportunity to step off the current S curve into a whole new thing.

I think one of the things that brought me to that place was learning more about having relationship with God and being around Christians that I felt like lived really compelling lives.  ~ Lindsey Nobles

Part of the Great Commandment is loving yourself, and that means being kind to yourself in the same way somebody else would be kind to you. Because the one person you’re going to be in relationship longer than any other in your life is your self. And you have the most complicated history with you. ~ Susie Davis

An architect of affiliation is someone who brings people together, casts a shared vision, creates catalysts for people to have transformative experiences, and loves to build community.

What does ‘barefoot ministry’ look like these days? It’s free. It’s choosing not be so widespread. And it’s moving through the day asking myself the question that Jan Johnson says breaks down the Great Commandment ~ What does it look like for me to love God in the next ten minutes?


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… grateful, grateful for Davis sharing their music for the DD Podcast. :)