On Dealing with Disappointment | Shelley Giglio | DD 70

I’m so excited to have Shelley Giglio join me on the podcast today, because she is basically a professional spiritual mama. Shelley is one of the most intentional people I know about bringing younger women alongside her in life and helping them know and love God more. So today, I wanted you to feel like you’re getting a little mentoring/spiritual mama time with Shelley, too.

We talked about letting God redeem the disappointments in our lives and how our perspective changes when we put God in front of our circumstances instead of behind them. We also talked about how we are to live as ‘place makers’ in the Kingdom which was incredibly compelling.

Shelley and her husband, Louie, have spent the last thirty years of their lives either living on campus with college students, or leading students all over the world to live for God. They currently lead Passion City Church in Atlanta, where they have 750 dear daughters connected to mentoring through their womens’ ministry, The Grove. Also on her resume ~ the Passion Conference and sixstepsrecords.

Shelley is wise and kind, and I hope that as you listen you feel like you’re sitting in my living room and having coffee with us while we talk about God and life. Here’s the interview on the Dear Daughters Podcast Episode 70.



You can either have your circumstances right in front of your eyes and God behind that, or you can choose to put God in front of your circumstance and you can see every circumstance through the filter of God. If I can see Him first and then He’s cached onto that circumstance, then I’ll know that anything is a possibility, that anything can change, that there can be hope on the other side of it, and I’ll live like that’s the way that it is. ~ Shelley Giglio

I think what frees us is when we see that God isn’t the bigger reflection of our dads, that He’s the perfection of our dads. ~ Shelley Giglio

Shelley’s practical advice to someone whose father may not have demonstrated the character of God: The only way to know God is by the revelation of the Word. Read it, understand Him, learn his characteristics, get a vision in your mind of what God is really like, and let it reorient some things in you that may be broken from other relationships. Just get to know Him… Then know the Holy Spirit and know what He’s capable of in our lives so we can operate out of that power every single day of our lives.

You’ll only ever be as at peace with your spouse as you are with yourself.  ~ Shelley Giglio

Changing the world is actually letting God change you so that you can be a change agent in the world. ~ Shelley Giglio

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