Questions to Deepen the Mother-Daughter Relationship | Sara Regan

I believe that questions are the best way to know people better, to hear where people are with God and to help people find their way in life.

Questions like …

What’s your God story?

What’s your guy story?

And if you could reach back in your past and sit next to your younger self, what would you say to her?

These kinds of questions are also an incredible opportunity to deepen a mother-daughter relationship. :)

These are the questions I asked my special guest on the show today. Because I wanted to give you a template for how to dive deep in conversation over the important things. And I asked these questions to an important person in my life. My youngest daughter, Sara Regan.

Sara is 25 years old. She’s a musician, a worship leader and an all-around incredible human. Sara is married to David, who is a Young Life director in Katy, TX. Sara and David are all about discipleship. Matter of fact, Sara says

Discipleship is legacy.

I hope that if you’re helping people grow in Christ, whether that’s a toddler you’re taking care of or some high school girls you’re meeting with or a young mama … what you’re doing is LEGACY. And it’s important and it matters.

If you haven’t heard: Sara is going to be at the Grace Gathering in Austin on April 12th! She’ll be weaving the event together with original music. It’s going to be phenomenal. Honey Holden, Hayley Morgan and my oldest daughter, Emily Boone, will be leading too. Yep we’ll all be together on stage and I’d love for you to be there too!


You’ll be encouraged and inspired and you’ll laugh and you’ll cry and you’ll feel God’s presence there. So buy your ticket and come on!!

But for now, here’s my Sara.




Finally … grateful, grateful for Davis sharing her music for the DD Podcast. :)