Soul Care Summer

I hope you’re taking good care of yourself. This summer, I want to encourage you to experience soul care in a very practical, everyday way.

Welcome to the Summer Soul Care Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast. I’m going to spend the next few weeks on the podcast helping you take good care of you.

One way you can take good care of yourself is to make sure you have wise teachers in place in your life, especially during times of crisis and chaos. Your number one teacher is God, and you can always count on him and his Word to help you walk in wisdom. But there are other teachers too. Listen in to discover more.



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Dear Daughters is meant to be a bridge between two groups of womenโ€“dear daughters and spiritual mamas. Dear daughters are young women in search of spiritual guidance and spiritual mamas are women just a little further down the road with age-old wisdom to share. Each group has valuable insight for the other and the hope is that the reader will invite someone to come alongside them, pore over the included letters together, and pass along wisdom and advice that will make both lives more beautiful, wherever they are in their God story.