strawberry pie & video {pie o pie}

It’s summer. It’s strawberry season. Me-oh-my, it’s time for strawberry pie. This is the start of my little pie project. I’m calling it Pie O Pie

I hope this video makes you smile …

I’ve had this recipe around for years but this is the first time I’ve made mini pies with it. And I must say, it’s the absolute best recipe for minis. It keeps everything all tucked together in a bowl. Just perfect.

And gosh, it’s so tiny. And loaded with fresh fruit. Who could deny this bit of sunshine?

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Wash and hull 1 quart of strawberries. Slice strawberries into small-ish pieces.

Place 1 cup of the strawberries and 2/3 cup water in pan on cook top ~ simmer for 3 minutes. Combine 1 c sugar with 3 T  cornstarch. Add to strawberries/water stirring til dissolved. Next, add 1/3 cup water and boil for 1 more minute, stirring constantly. Mixture will thicken. Take off cook top and allow to cool.

Place sliced berries in baked pie crust. Cover with glaze. Place in fridge for a couple hours

Top with whipped cream.

This is such a happy recipe + video, that I hate to get all rule-sy but I must beg you: No pre-fab crust and please, no Cool Whip. (Recipes & video for no-roll pie crust here + easy breezy whip cream!)

sweet and tasty strawberry pie ~ enjoy!

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Need that happy music? it’s here on my favorites: eliza doolittle ~ rollerblades