What are you created to do?

My whole life, in one sense, he has been an experiment in how to be a portable sanctuary, learning to practice the presence of God. ~ Richard Foster

Everywhere you go, as you practice the presence of God in your lives, you’re like a small sanctuary to the people closest by. So that means when you’re on the way to work and you interact with the barista in the morning, you’re standing there as a respite. Giving life to the person you’re talking to.

Or maybe as you hold your infant, or read to your toddler … you’re offering them sanctuary as you abide with God. Maybe in your high pressure job, with people that don’t know or maybe even care about God. There you are, a portable sanctuary.

Do you struggle to understand what you are created to do? Do you see yourself as a minister? Because you have that capacity. That’s God’s big plan by the way, you and me ministering His love and light to the people in our lives. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today on the podcast.