whimsy for your weekend

It’s a stormy, rainy weekend. Reflects the inside of my heart. For months, I’ve been pouring over real estate looking for the house, the one that fits my whole family on those few blissful days they all come back to Austin at the same time.  And most recently, I find myself scanning Pinterest wondering if I should renovate my smallish kitchen into a big kitchen and my family room into a larger one.

While it might be well within God’s plan for me to update my kitchen or even move to a different house, it doesn’t need to uproot my contentment. Yet I struggle.

So when I stumbled across words I wrote three years ago. It made me wonder where that girl has gone… I want her back. I want her to write out another love life list.

A couple weeks ago, Tsh posted something about a vow of stability. I researched it. For my current purposes, it means I ask my heart to sit still. To love this present day I’ve been given, to reflect on all the things I have to feel content toward and make an offering of joy in that place.

That might sound kinda unwhimsical but in my mind the two are linked. True whimsy only finds a home inside of contentment.


love life list 05/21/17

    1. quiet mornings when the wind barely touches the wind chime outside
    2. little black cat madeleine clicking at the birds on the feeder, then curling up on the chair next to me
    3. yellow finches, blackcap chickadees on the bird feeder
    4. humming birds sipping on the purple salvia right outside my dining room window
    5. zinnias, lots and lots of zinnias
    6. black coffee in an old diner mug
    7. one egg via best egg pan ever
    8. a new chocolate chip cookie recipe to try … will they taste anything like tiny boxwood’s cookies?
    9. the netflix anne of green gables
    10. josh garrels + penny and sparrow on my contentment playlist
    11. my safe friends, the ones who earnestly pray for me
    12. my creative friends, the ones who unlock all kinds of fun
    13. gitana: my horse & my therapist ;)
    14. riding instructor, taylor, who trains in the most gentle, encouraging way
    15. so many books, all the books, piled all over the place, especially the old ones
    16. shauna’s words this weekend in present over perfect
    17. mantra austin & gentle yoga
    18. shanin, my gentle yoga instructor
    19. happy, married children in denver, navasota and katy
    20. the new elm green moleskine weekly planner coming out soon!
    21. amazing place christmas note with my brother-in-law’s illustrated tree on front tucked in my russell+hazel daily planner
    22. karen talking me through house decisions + more
    23. will, always will.
    24. tidying and words from marie kondo
    25. my uncool but so useful bag + getting to wear summer linen again

Listing all these … they are the ways I renewed my own vow of stability and ask my heart to sit still.

You might not think of yourself as a writer but how about a prompt to help you uncover what it is that brings contentment?

What are 25 things in your life that makes you deeply grateful?

It’s your one beautiful life, it’s my one beautiful life. We’ll find our footing. Let’s give ourselves a little time.


Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)

PS> anne had loads of whimsy :)