Sharon Hodde Miller | Dear Daughters 35

Sharon Hodde Miller is a writer, speaker, Bible teacher, pastor’s wife, and mother, who loves writing about Jesus for the women in his church. She regularly contributes to sites like: Her.meneutics, Relevant, (in)courage, and Propel. Sharon lives in North Carolina with her husband and two sons. She is releasing her first book baby, Free Of Me: Why Life is Better When It’s Not About You today, and is expecting her first girl baby to join their family in a few months!

Today we talk about how to intentionally and honestly use social media, the important of the church family, dealing with insecurity, and of course, food. I can’t wait for your to meet Sharon.

Here’s the interview on Dear Daughters Episode 35.

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Have you asked yourself why are you on social media?

One of Sharon’s goals of using social media is to put out light instead of heat.

I don’t want women to follow me on Instagram and feel worse about themselves because of what they find on my feed. I don’t want them to feel like my feed is another measuring stick for them. ~ Sharon Hodde Miller

One of the questions Sharon asks before doing something in any area of her life : Is this going to honor God and be loving towards others?

Image management gets especially sticky is when we incorporate it into our relationships and we treat our spouses or our children as a part of our image, and then try to manage them to maintain our image. ~ Sharon Hodde Miller

The dangerous idolatry of needing to be approved hinders us from authenticity. We are less prone to share our struggles, less prone to admit when we are wrong, less prone to be brave and take a stand when it’s hard and maybe disagreeable, because we want to be sweet and likable. ~ Sharon Hodde Miller

When you get caught in that ‘likable’ form of image management, it keeps you from obeying God, because you aren’t going to say anything hard. ~ Sharon Hodde Miller

I want to be kind and gentle and charitable and fair, but I also want to be bold the way that Jesus was. ~ Sharon Hodde Miller

If I wouldn’t say this in my Bible study group, I probably shouldn’t be saying it this way on social media. ~ Sharon Hodde Miller

I think what is lost when we bounce from church to church is that sanctifying work, we lose depth of relationships, and a depth of faith that comes from committing to a church for the long haul. ~ Sharon Hodde Miller

Sometimes the answer to our insecurity is to focus on ourselves less. ~ Sharon Hodde Miller

God does not need you to trample yourself in order for your family to flourish. What your family needs is Him. Your family already has a perfect parent and it’s not you. ~ Sharon Hodde Miller

The best thing you can give to your family is a healthy you. ~ Susie Davis



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