favorite moments from dear daughters podcast | season 1

I am taking a little break this summer before starting another stretch of interviews on the Dear Daughters Podcast but in the meanwhile, I’m listening back and to be honest, I’ve been so wowed at the content my guests brought to the podcast. It’s been so rich, so transformative that I started writing down what I learned this past year. And when I looked over my notes, I knew I needed to share that info with you.

Favorite Moments from the Dear Daughters Podcast Season 1 | Part 1

  • Hayley Morgan is a quirky, little sunbeam. Her interview in DD episode 1 (and her about page) just make me smile, and her book, Wild + Free, with Jess Connolly is a wonderful read.
  •  Rick Reynolds is so wise, and it was such a delight to have him share some of his tips on having a healthy marriage in DD episode 2. He said, “Carrying shame is a way of robbing God of glory.” And I’ve been thinking on that a good while.
  • One of my favorite podcast moments was getting to interview my daughter, Sara, in DD episode 3 . We talked honestly the real life and not so pretty ‘in-between Instagram moments’ in our life. We also divulge one of the worst arguments we ever had and the spiritual insights we discovered in that crazy cycle of conflict. I love my girl and so thankful to Davis for sharing Youth Hunting with me for the intro music.

  • If you’re thinking: I’m so used. How can I ever start over? Well, here’s the answer: Jesus.” ~ Jamie Ivey. What a gem. It was a treat to have her join me on DD episode 4. (It was also fun to be a guest on her show, The Happy Hour episode 48 :). I can’t wait to hear more of her story in her book coming out soon!
  • Love this quote by my friend and spiritual mama, Liz Benigno, in DD episode 5: “Love God and live the life God wants you to live even though it might not be the life your parents want you to live or society expects you to live. If you genuinely love God, all the minutia will work out.” Oh, yes and amen.  Liz talked about mothering, mentoring, and also shared the easiest recipe that will make you look like a cooking genius.
  • Front Yard People are Gospel people.” ~ Kristin Schell is my friend and neighbor. We live a couple blocks from each other so I have the joy of being with her often. Listen to DD episode 6 to hear about Turquoise Table and how you can be a front yard person.

  • I loved Sophie Hudson’s thoughts on intergenerational friendships and her book, Giddy Up, Eunice, literally sums up my heart for dear daughters/mentor relationships/discipleship. You’ll want to catch the whole interview in DD episode 7 for more wisdom but here’s a short clip of our conversation. And gracious, don’t you just love her sweet Southern accent?

What a gift it has been to interview such wise, kind, fun people, and what a gift to be invited into your space as you listen along! Thank you, thank you for tuning in.


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