favorite moments from dear daughters podcast | season 1

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As promised, here is the final highlight from the first season of Dear Daughters Podcast. It was such a joy to look back, re-listen and gather wisdom one more time from these guests.

This is the last recap of four (you can see parts one, two, and three here) and again, thanks for listening in.

  • As a natural question asker and wonderer, I love the idea of curiosity as a spiritual discipline. Casey Tygrett is a favorite for me because he thinks deeply about things. He joined me for DD episode 25 where we talked about doubt, curiosity, and our favorite books for writers + creatives.
  • In DD episode 26, Jimmy Myers  shared his wisdom on family, marriage, and getting through the teen years together. Jimmy is the founder + executive director of the Timothy Center, a counseling center that focuses on helping families heal together. One of his most helpful tips? If you want to stay on the right path with God and walk forward fearlessly, these are the things you need: humility and gratitude. It is very hard to get into the trouble relationally, spiritually, vocationally if your life is typified by humility and gratitude. 
  • It was such a treat to have Tsh Oxenreider join me for DD episode 27. Tsh shared some wonderful things ~ like how you can be a world traveller and still a ‘home person’, what she’s reading now, and her thoughts on the importance of self care.
  • Dr. Kelly Flanagan initially caught my attention because he has his own version of dear daughters notes… he writes ‘Daddy’s letters’ to his daughter. You may have heard about this one from it’s mention on The Today Show ~> Words From a Father to His Daughter (From the Makeup Aisle). To hear more about how to discover your truest self, tune in to DD episode 28.
  • As a gal that hates the idea of even camping, I have to tell you I was really impressed with off-grid homesteader Esther Emery on DD episode 29. Esther  is such a delightful person. She lives in a yurt and homeschools her kids and maintains a YouTube channel with her husband where they celebrate the simple life. She shared her thoughts on simplicity and connection and the perfect sandwich bread recipe.
  • Are you goal-oriented or vision-oriented? This question (and the significance of answering it for yourself) is one of the biggest take-aways for me from Bill Hendricks interview on DD episode 30. I hope you’ll give it a listen if you haven’t yet, and maybe even share it with a friend.
  • Austinite Andrea Lucado and I got to compare a bunch of our hometown favorites on DD episode 31. She also shared about her new book, English Lessons: The Crooked Path of Growing Towards Faith, and let me tell you it is lovely.
  • Tara Royer Steele makes some of the best pies in Texas, carries around a pocket of Life Time Grace Cards, and she just gets hospitality. She also catered my Sara’s wedding! It was such a joy to have her join me for DD episode 32. Y’all don’t want to miss this one.

Don’t forget to check back for new episodes of the Dear Daughters Podcast. I’m really excited for you to hear who’s coming up next!


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